Exploration (Pooled)

With our summoned heroes, Elleria finally has the manpower to send out scouting teams! The Apostle has scryed and revealed 4 locations containing clues necessary to find Ignacio. Stronger heroes are given the freedom to roam about the lands and explore southwards of Elleria, discovering the unknown.

Wonder what adventure lies ahead...

Explorations emit a fixed amount of rewards shared equally by all heroes within the pool. Heroes sent on explorations will become busy and be unable to use other game features. Jobs have different requirements as listed below:

Job TitleRequirementsRewards per Day

Necropolis Exploration

All classes Level Required: 20

200 Vial of Mysterious Blood

Overworld Exploration

All classes Level Required: 40

300 ELM Shards 50 $ELM

Ruins Exploration

All classes Level Required: 50

1 Exalted Scroll 50 $ELM

Lair Exploration

All classes Level Required: 60

1 Miracle Scroll

50 $ELM

Rewards emitted in each area of exploration is shared by all heroes staked in that pool! If you are the only hero staked in that pool, you will get 100% of the rewards!

Please note that emissions multiplier from hero level DOES NOT affect rewards in pooled assignments.

You can claim partial amounts of relics (etc. 0.5 Miracle Scroll), leave to quest, and come back later. Balances will automatically be converted into a whole relic when eligible upon claiming!

Emissions Decay

Calculations are based on time passed, and rewards are distributed every 15 minutes.

Please note that emissions will not be generated for the first 30 minutes after sending a hero on an exploration/after claiming.

Should a hero be left in exploration for too long, the hero's efficiency will be negatively impacted, affecting his newly generated emissions. The hero's newly distributed emissions will be cut to 70% after ~7 days (604,800 seconds), to 40% after ~14 days (1,209,600 seconds), and 10% after ~21 days (1,814,400 seconds).

You can reset the decay by claiming rewards without quitting the job or incurring any gas fees.

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