GraphQL Playground

The team is committed to the development of a fair, legimitate, and proper product. With pure on-chain games having the blockchain to act as a ledger for all transactions, we are working on making all off-chain in-game transactions accessible as well.
This will allow for auditing for balances and events/leaderboards as required, and will also enable community apps since our APIs are exposed.


We are currently refactoring our endpoints to add in pagination amongst other optimization to prevent our servers from being overloaded and to improve performance in general. Schemas in this whitepaper may be outdated.
GraphQL is a query language that lets anyone access data from our database through set APIs. For snippets and examples, please refer to the following page:
You can test the snippets at
Mainnet Endpoint URL
Testnet Endpoint URL
currently unavailable!
The API schema can be referenced from the tabs on the right. If you'd like to filter by variables, they can be specifeid in the 'QUERY VARIABLES' tab on the botom left.