Summoning Heroes

Public sales will open until all 10,000 genesis heroes have been summoned. Once Pre-sales and Public-sales have concluded, the Summoning Altar will be deactivated until the next summoning event.
As the game progresses, there will be different summoning events with differing summoning fees and summoning chances. You can find more information about upcoming classes in the roadmap page.
Heroes' attributes will be randomly generated (class and attributes) and stored on-chain.

Using Heroes In-Game (bridging)

To use Heroes in-game, users will first be required to bind heroes to their in-game avatar by temporarily sending them into a bridging smart contract. This will allow you to make transactions with our heroes in Elleria without incurring gas fees. A user can freely unbind a hero at any time to bring them back on-chain. However, please take note that as unbinding a hero releases his soul from his physical body, he will lose all experience upon unbinding.

Strengthening your Heroes

Increasing Levels

Fresh heroes summoned from the altar will start at level 1. To increase a hero's level, you can pay certain amounts of Ellerium ($ELM) and Elleria Medals ($MEDAL) to the quartermaster to set up a trial and upgrade the hero's level. This level upgrade trial might be dangerous, and heroes will require experience gained through questing as a pre-requisite to level up for certain levels.
Refer to the table below for the fees, required experience, and failure probability.
Levels will NOT change your base attributes!
EXP Required
Failure Probability
Level 1 to Level 2
20, 000
Level 2 to Level 3
50, 000
Level 3 to Level 4
150, 000
Level 4 to Level 5
450, 000
Level 5 to Level 6
1, 000, 000
5, 000
Level 6 to Level 7
2, 000, 000
10, 000
Level 7 to Level 8
5, 000, 000
50, 000
Level 8 to Level 9
10, 000, 000
100, 000
Level 9 to Level 10
20, 000, 000
100, 000
Level 10 to Level 11
50, 000, 000
200, 000
Level 11 to Level 12
100, 000, 000
500, 000
Levels act as proof that a hero is experienced, giving them multiple benefits.
First, it allows them to qualify for better-paying jobs and exponentially increase their rewards from jobs. This emissions multiplier is specified in the table above.
Secondly, it increases the hero's combat attributes, making them stronger in dungeons to face more challenging enemies and bosses, providing exponentially better rewards.
Thirdly, it qualifies your hero for the leaderboards for the incentives awarded to top-tier heroes.
If you fail to upgrade, all fees used for the upgrade will be burnt. Your next upgrade will have an increased 5% chance of succeeding.


Equipment will NOT change your base attributes!
Your heroes can equip different items to improve their combat attributes. Refer to the Equipment tab for more information.

Increasing Basic Attributes

The world has ancient relics that can alter your hero's basic attributes, providing you with a chance to buff your characters. These artefacts can be crafted, obtained from boss monsters from certain quests, or unearthed from certain ancient ruins.
There might also be PVP tournaments planned that can increase the champion's stats...
These mechanics will allow any heroes to become stronger- Your heroes are not fixed upon minting and will have a chance to progress and grow stronger.
More information will be released as Elleria grows.

Transferring Heroes

We encourage using only the marketplace to transfer your heroes. You will first have to unbind your heroes and refresh metadata on Trove.
We advocate fair play. Any attempts to scam through OTC will not be tolerated and harsh actions will be taken against any attempted bad behaviour.

Releasing Heroes

All souls are valuable and shouldn't be disregarded. Should a player decide to leave the game, souls can be sold/transferred to other players through Trove Marketplace using $MAGIC.
EXP is reset to the lower limit of its level upon the release of your heroes.
Click on 'Refresh Metadata' on Trove to update your hero's stats after unbinding.
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