All heroes share the same six base attributes but have different minimum and maximum limits based on their classes and different primary and secondary stats.

All classes will share the same attribute rarity system, where heroes whose total attributes add up to 0 ~ 299 will be common, 300 ~ 375 will be epic, and 376+ will be legendary.

ClassPrimary StatSecondary Stat


























Strength affects the hero's physical damage dealt through attacks and skills in combat.


Agility affects the hero's turn order and critical rate % in combat.


Vitality affects the hero's maximum HP in combat.


Endurance affects the hero's physical defense in combat.


Intelligence affects the hero's magical damage dealt through attacks and skills in combat.


Will affects the hero's magical defense in combat.

Combat Attributes

This section contains our formulas for calculating your heroes' combat attributes.

Level 1-10 has only 9 levels while every other tier has 10. To maintain the same combat stats as before, heroes under level 10 will have a 1-level penalty when applying the formula.

Health Points (HP)

  // Get the raw max HP based on all sources of VIT.
  const rawMaxHp = 5 * VIT * (1.5 + (LEVEL / 100) * 15);
  // Get the raw equipment boosts ('HP %', 'HP')
  const rawEquipmentHpBoost = ((rawMaxHp / 100) * HP% + HP); 
  // Get the total equipment boosts ('Equipment HP% Bonus')
  const totalEquipmentHpBoost = (rawEquipmentHpBoost / 100) * (100 + EQP.HP%);
  // Get the total HP (including combat boosts)
  const baseMaxHp = Math.round((rawMaxHp + totalEquipmentHpBoost) * BOOSTS.HP%);

The hero's HP resets for every quest. You lose when your HP reaches 0.

Attack (P.ATK / M.ATK)

  // Get the raw magic attack based on all sources of INT.
  const baseMagicAttack = intelligence * (1.5 + (combatStatLevel / 100) * 15);
  // Get the total M. ATK after applying raw and total equipment boosts.
  const magicAttack = Math.round(
      baseMagicAttack +
        (((baseMagicAttack / 100) * M.ATK% +
          M.ATK) /
          100) *
          (100 + EQP.ATK%)

  // Same for physicalAttack. Replace M.ATK with P.ATK.

Basic attacks will deal damage based on your class's attribute.

STR is used for Physical Attack, INT is used for Magic Attack.

Physical Defense/Magic Resistance (DEF/RES)

  // Get the raw defense based on all sources of END
  const baseDefense = END * (1.5 + (LEVEL / 100) * 15);
  // Get the total DEF after raw/total equipment and combat boosts.
  // The flow is the same as in the HP formula, just substitute the values.
  const defense = Math.round(
      (baseDefense +
        (((baseDefense / 100) * DEF% + DEF) / 100) *
          (100 + EQP.DEF%)) *

DEF reduces the amount of physical damage received.

RES reduces the amount of magic damage received.

Other Formulas

The provided formulas below is pseudo-code for players to be able to follow the logic for analytics/calculations.

DISCLAIMER: Correct as of 29th November 2023, all subject to change.

Skill Damage (userSkillDamage%)

const userSkillDamage% = roundToTwo(
      0 +
        (SKILLDMG% / 100) *
        (100 + EQP.SKILLDMG%)
// Crit Rate
const a = 6.26415119;
const b = 46.6345086;
const c = 0.58114342;
const d = 0.16064906;
const e = 86.56111256;

const critRate = a + b / (c + Math.exp(-d * (agi - e)));

Critical Damage/Resistance is applied after Final Attack! See Base Damage Formula for where exactly it's applied.

Attributes and Effects Glossary

Accuracy - % Chance for an attack/skill to succeed.

Critical Hit - Roll for critical hit based on Critical Rate % (unless the skill has special conditions). Deal additional damage based on Critical Damage %, reduced by the target's Critical Resistance %.

Require Bleed/Poison/Debuff/etc... - Attack/Skill will fail if target is not bleeding/poisoned/debuffed/etc...

Final Defense - A bonus applied on top of base Defense/Resistance depending on the incoming attack/skill type.

Final Attack - A bonus applied on top of the attack/skill base attack calculated

Necro - All sources of healing effects will deal damage instead

Skill Damage - Skills will deal an additional % damage. For players, skills are everything other than 'Attack'. For monsters, skills are everything except the monster's basic attack (which can have varying names and effects)

Revenge - Deal an extra fixed 30% damage if the user is below a % HP depending on the revenge threshold.

Skill Defense - Receive a % damage reduction against an incoming skill (revenge damage included). (Already applied DoTs do not count)

Dodge - % to avoid an attack/skill if the skill is not guaranteed to hit.

Protect - Negates all damage by an incoming attack/skill within the same turn.

Lethal - Deal extra % damage based on user's lethal threshold if target HP is below 50%.

Armor (flat damage reduce) - Reduces a FLAT amount of damage after all other effects are calculated.

Damage Reflect - User reflects % of true direct damage received to the attack/skill's user.

Life Drain - User drains % of true direct damage received. (affected by Necro)

Backlash - User receives a % of direct damage dealt as recoil.

Recoil Damage - User receives fixed damage based on a % of damage dealt.

The glossary is accurate as of v1.106.6 and may be changed further down as skills are implemented and balanced.

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