[Archived] $ELM Staking

Single-Sided $ELM Staking feature has been sunset and is no longer active.

Why Stake?

The ELM staking pool exists for several purposes:

  1. As a motivator for the re-investment of $ELM through passive rewards.

  2. To bring the community together through global incentives and a common goal.

  3. To reward in-game players through individual incentives.

The v1 ELM Staking Pool emits 250 $ELM daily. You staked $ELM is also affected by the amount of $ELM staked / the amount of off-chain circulating $ELM, creating a virtuous cycle where users lock $ELM for more rewards rather than selling them off.

% off-chain $ELM staked% emissions multiplier

below 30%


up to 40%


up to 50%


up to 60%


above 60%


Your entire deposited balance will be locked for 4 weeks (28 days) upon a new stake.

You can view all your staked $ELM and their details in our Bank. Upon the end of a staking period, you can choose to re-stake the deposited amount or withdraw it.

After 4 weeks, you must re-deposit $ELM (i.e 0.01 $ELM) to re-lock the balance to continue earning emissions and boosts.

Emissions can be claimed at any time.

How to Stake

  1. Head to the Bank and click on "Staking"

  2. Select "ELM Single-Sided Staking"

  3. Click on Deposit and enter the amount to deposit, then execute the transaction.\

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