World Boss: Ninjas vs Zorag (Season 13)

🥷🏻 Zorag Alert! Calling all ninjas! Your skills are needed! 🥷🏻

Zorag has returned to settle his unfinished business with the Ninjas! Sharpen your blades and practice your slashes against the mighty Zorag's battleaxe.

Up to 6,125 $ELM in prizes are up for grabs for NINJAS ONLY! Read further to find out how to participate and score.

Event Info

Get ready to depart for this special World Boss event! You can access the event via with a compatible web3 wallet and binded Ninjas.

Event Information

Duration: 15th April 2024 to 29th April 2024 (4AM UTC). Rewards: 6,125 $ELM distributed across 1000 Ninjas. Entry Criteria: - Ninjas only (NO TICKET COST) - 1 Quest Attempt per entry (blue bar indicated on the hero card, resets 4AM UTC) Scoring: - Highest damage dealt in a single attempt per ninja.

To learn more about obtaining a hero and starting, please refer to our quickstart guide or ask in our Discord! An overview is also available in the next section.

Dive Deep into the World Boss Structure

Step 1: Obtaining a NInja

Before you can challenge Zorag this time, you’ll need a Ninja by your side. If you don't already own a ninja, they're purchaseable from the marketplace. Gear up and prepare for the battle ahead!

Step 2: Engage in Battle

In this boss fight, heroes will attempt to deal as much damage as possible before running out of HP. The highest damage dealt per HERO in a single attempt will be ranked on the leaderboard where prizes will be allocated.

A player can send multiple ninjas into the world boss. Wallets will receive rewards per ninja (you can receive multiple if you have multiple ninjas).

The leaderboard snapshot happens immediately before rewards distribution. Your hero must remain in your wallet until rewards are distributed or your attempt will be forfeit. You won't be affected if you don't move your heroes until after you receive the in-game mail!

Battle Mechanics

  • The battle utilizes a turn-based system, and the boss can either use a special/normal attack per turn. Special attacks will hit for a minimum of 15% of the hero's HP.

  • The boss will get empowered the longer the battle drags on. Beyond the 10th turn, the boss will have progressively increasing stats.

  • Players can use one item per turn.

  • A quest must be completed before the final cut-off time for its damage to count.

  • A hero must remain in the player's wallet for its score to count. If the hero quests on a different account, all previous quest attempts are voided. (If the hero moves from A > B > A, all attempts from the original A before transfer are also voided)

  • The Boss does Physical damage and will have fixed stats throughout the event.

Ninja x Zorag World Boss Rewards

There will be 6,125 $ELM allocated up to the 1,000th Ninja, from the undistributed $ELM allocated to Ninjas via Tower of Babel.

The $ELM prize pool allocation per event period is as follows:

1st Place ► 245 $ELM 2nd Place ► 183.75 $ELM 3rd Place ► 122.50 $ELM 4–10th Place ► 73.50 $ELM 11–25th Place ► 49 $ELM 26–50th Place ► 36.75 $ELM 51–100th Place ► 29.40 $ELM 101–200th Place ► 6.125 $ELM 201–600th Place ► 2.45 $ELM 601–1000th Place ► 0.8575 $ELM

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