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Barkeeper's Shop

Welcome! The Barkeeper has some special items on sale just for you. Some of these items aren't readily available through questing or from any other sources.

Shop Tabs

There are currently 2 main tabs within the shop:
Elleria's Bounty - Items purchased with in-game $ELM.
Dimensional Haul - Items purchased with currency from across the blockchain, requiring different on-chain tokens/resources.

Elleria's Bounty

Items under Elleria's Bounty are off-chain transactions, and take place after a message is signed. The items purchasable are only purchasable using in-game currencies.
Item List
Ellerium Shard (untradeable)
10 $ELM
Diluted Recovery Potion
20 $ELM
Recovery Potion
50 $ELM
Medals Exchange Ticket 1 (1k)
5 $ELM
Medals Exchange Ticket 2 (5k)
25 $ELM
Medals Exchange Ticket 3 (20k)
95 $ELM
Medals Exchange Ticket 4 (???)
25 $ELM

Dimensional Haul

Items under Dimensional Haul are on-chain transactions, where the shopkeeper sells items purchasable only using $MAGIC and other related on-chain tokens.
You are required to approve token spending the first time you purchase an item.
This feature allows for cross-metaverse collaboration options where partner projects can use their NFTs/Tokens/Resources from across the blockchain to purchase relics and other items used within Elleria.
Item List
1x Magic Shard (untradeable)
1x Boss Entry Ticket
Beginner Pack 20,000 $MEDALS 5x Faded Memories 5x Diluted Recovery Potions
Novice Pack 50,000 $MEDALS 2x Vivid Memories 5x Recovery Potions
Master Pack 125,000 $MEDALS 6x Vivid Memories 5x Potent Recovery Potions
100 $MAGIC
Supreme Pack 250,000 $MEDALS 5x Timeless Memories 5x Superior Recovery Potions
200 $MAGIC

Limited Items

Some items are time-limited and refreshed daily! You can see the remaining quantity under each item.
Some items might be limited edition and will never return once expired too. Keep a lookout for our Discord announcement when these items appear.
The shop refreshes at 0400 UTC, together with quest resets. You can see the time until refresh on the bottom left.