Ancient Ruins

Golems have been sighted in the depths of the Ancient Ruins. Hidden mysteries lie dormant among these ruins. Will you unravel the secrets beneath?

The Ancient Ruins awards $MEDALS, $ELM, Relics, ELM Shards, and EXP, allowing you to accumulate resources for Equipment enhancing. This region awards $ELM!

Possible Encounters:

A tiny, rugged stone creature that roams the Ancient Ruins. The smaller ones scuttle harmlessly among the ruins, but beware of their larger kin, whose solid forms can deliver a surprisingly powerful blow!

These pebble monsters deal physical damage and are a common sight amidst the ruins. The treasures they yield vary, echoing the diverse minerals and elements they've absorbed from their stony domain.

Uncovered Areas of Interest:

Ancient Ruins - Peblet's Path

In the Ancient Ruins, Peblet's Path unfolds, a trail lined with small stone creatures known as Pebblets. These mini golems, born from the ruins, possess a curious resilience. Navigating this path offers an initial taste of the deeper mysteries and ancient powers that the Ruins conceal.

Preparation Fees: 500 $MEDALS Heroes Required: 1 Difficulty levels: 3

Ancient Ruins - Boulden's Border

At Boulden's Border in the Ancient Ruins, golems have gathered, forming unexpected barriers. Energized by the ruins, they challenge anyone trying to delve deeper. Your task is to navigate these protective golems and secure safe passage into the heart of the ruins. Proceed with caution!

Preparation Fees: 500 $MEDALS Heroes Required: 1 Difficulty levels: 4

Ancient Ruins - Golem's Grudge

In the deepest parts of the Ancient Ruins, some golems have absorbed immense magical energies, evolving into formidable beings. These enhanced golems, fueled by ancient grudges, are now menacingly patrolling the ruins, posing a significant threat to all who venture too close. It's crucial to confront and pacify these guardians before their power grows uncontrollable.

Preparation Fees: 1000 $MEDALS Heroes Required: 1 Difficulty levels: 4

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