Goblin Plains

Goblins have been spotted on the plains just outside town, chasing away animals and causing unease. Show them who is boss!

The Goblin Plains award $MEDALS, Relics, ELM Shards, and EXP, allowing you to accumulate resources to upgrade your heroes and craft consumables.

Possible Encounters:

A little green creature wielding a rudimentary club. Some of the townspeople even find them cute and harmless, but you very well know their dangers. Deals physical damage and can be found scouting around the plains.

Uncovered Areas of Interest:

Goblin Plains - Adventure Begins!

Our scouts have managed to capture some of the weaker goblins for research and training. Face off against one of these to get a feel for battle and to boost your confidence and spirit for adventuring! Preparation Fees: None! Heroes Required: 1 Difficulty levels: 3

Goblin Plains - Outskirts

The further you wander, the more goblins start to appear. Be careful not to get overwhelmed. You might still be on the outskirts, but should their scouting paths overlap...

Preparation Fees: 500 $MEDALS Heroes Required: 1 Difficulty Levels: 4

Goblin Plains - Outpost

Stealthily tracking the scouts, you've chanced upon one of their outposts. There seems to be a commander giving orders to the scouting teams. Take him out and the other goblins might scatter! Beware: You'd have to drop all your loot to retreat out of there. It's dangerous, make sure you're prepared!

Preparation Fees: 1000 $MEDALS Heroes Required: 1 Difficulty Levels: 4

Special - Gold Rush (Limited Quest!)

Goblins love to hoard and collect items from all around, it's no wonder their camps are such a mess. What happens if a goblin stays exposed to medals and ellerium for a prolonged period of time...?

Preparation Fees: 500 $MEDALS Heroes Required: 1

This quest is only available on weekends! You can find it under the 'Special' Region.

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