$MAGIC / Treasure Integration

As huge fans of TreasureDAO and the framework that they are building, we are delighted to be given the opportunity to integrate into their ecosystem.

Treasure Marketplace Listing

Tales of Elleria will be listed on the Trove Marketplace! Heroes minted during the whitelist and public mint will be available to trade using $MAGIC.

Refer to TreasureDAO’s whitepaper on how to use the Treasure Marketplace: https://docs.treasure.lol/marketplaces/using-the-marketplace

Treasury Swap

To better align the long-term interests of TreasureDAO and Tales of Elleria, we will be providing TreasureDAO with a commensurate value of NFTs & native tokens in return for $MAGIC grants.

Tales of Elleria will exchange 5% of all mintable NFTs, $MEDALS and $ELM in exchange of a $MAGIC grant emission schedule. This $MAGIC grant will allow players to earn $MAGIC from playing Tales of Elleria. More updates on how to earn $MAGIC coming soon...

Bootstrapped Liquidity and Funding

TreasureDAO will help Tales of Elleria bootstrap the project with capital in its initial stages. Tales of Elleria’s native tokens ($MEDALS & $ELM) will be paired with $MAGIC in the primary liquidity pool. The Liquidity pool seeded by TreasureDAO will also be launching on Treasure’s AMM (if and when one is developed).

Content Integration

Hint: the strength of your heroes determines how much $MAGIC you will earn in Elleria in the future.

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