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28 March - v1.0.7 Mobile Update
- Login: Wallet address added back for clarity
- Music: If muted, music stays muted when refreshed
- Contracts: Updated to new set of contracts to test for whitelist
- UX: Added wallet balances to the status bar at the bottom
- MOBILE: All UI customized for mobile!
- UX: Made all scrollviews draggable!
- ERC721 NES: Your heroes stay with you even when staking!
25 March 2022 - v1.0.5 & v1.0.6
- Mobile: WalletConect Added
- Backend: database ported
- Claiming: $ELLERIUM and $MEDALS claiming both work
- Quests; Button in Quests to select hero made clearer
- Fixed status effects causing monster HP to go under 0
- Green in Hero page is less sharp
- Register: Messages now clearer.
- Battle: Rewards text made clearer.
- Battle: EXP indicator shows 'MAXED" if appropriate
- Quest: Entry fee is checked for before signing!
- Overall: Messages made clearer
- Signing: All transactions now expose data
- Upgrades: Feedback text made yellow
- Security: Signing works for ledger
17 March 2022 - v1.0.4
- Summoning: Release Heroes now work
- Proper error message is shown when you claim exceeding your balance
- Proper error message is shown when you try to claim 0
- Assignments: Upon claiming, hero salary is automatically refreshed.
- Summoning: When binding and releasing, there is a delay and your heroes will be updated automatically if there is no congestion.
- Summoning: Error prompts appears if you didn't select heroes
- Profile Creation: Error prompt appears if invalid name is entered.
- Text: NIL has been changed to more appropriate terms.
- Renaming: Fee changed to 5000 $MEDALS. Name shows instead of class for renamed heroes
- Dungeons: Error prompts displays proper message now- Won't be forced to refresh for some errors.
- Summoning: Updated text to be clearer, removed excessive text.
- Claim/Deposit: Invalid input gives an error immediately.
- Renaming: Error prompt for insufficient balance before signing
- Upgrading: Error prompt before signing (insufficient exp, medals, ellerium)
- Assignments: 'Second Since Started' changed to 'Time Since Claimed'
- Assignments: time now displays in DD HH MM SS
- Binding/Release: Messages now clearer.
- Summoning: Messages now clearer.
- Inventory: Added tip to say just re-open the tab instead of refreshing.
- Claim/deposit: Messages now clearer.
- Assignments: Messages now clearer.
16 March 2022 - v1.0.3
- Assignment rewards from multiple heroes now accumulate
- Claim tax formula has been implemented, currently at 50%