General Game Guide

This guide will introduce the basic questing loop to make it easy for new players to understand.

Generic Game Loop

In Tales of Elleria, the core game loop flows as follows:

  1. Obtain a Hero through the game/marketplace.

  2. Stake the Hero on Assignments to earn $MEDALS (game currency)

  3. Send the Hero on Quests using $MEDALS to earn $ELM (ERC-20) and Relics (NFTs)

  4. Use $MEDALS and $ELM to upgrade your Hero and increase his combat prowess.

  5. Use Relics to craft scrolls/potions to power up your Hero.

  6. Use Relics to craft Equipment to power up your hero.

Your main goal will be to strengthen your heroes as far as you can to have access to higher-difficulty content, which gives more rewards!

Use the rewards to further upgrade your heroes, and the game is on!

Step 1: Obtaining a Hero

You can obtain a hero through the marketplace or mint a FREE Ethereal Hero at the Summoning Altar.

Ethereal Heroes earn $MEDALS and Soul Dust, a currency used to purchase in-game items from the Shop.

Buying Considerations

When purchasing heroes, there are TWO main considerations to look for.

  1. Hero's $MEDALS earning rate

  2. Hero's Questing ability

$MEDALS Earning Rate

$MEDALS are the bread and butter of adventurers, used to go on quests and level up your heroes. For a higher $MEDALS earning rate, look for heroes who can be staked on class-specific assignments. These Assignments have main and sub-attribute requirements and can be filtered on the marketplace.

Assignment TypeRequirementsMEDALS per second

Basic Assignments

No Requirements

(0.1 / 60) $MEDALS

Class Specific Assignments

Level Required: 10 Main stat >= 86 Sub stat >= 61

(0.2 / 60) + (Hero's main stat - 85) * (0.05 / 60) MEDALS

If you're looking to earn huge amounts of $MEDALS, filter for high levels and Class Specific heroes!

Hero's Questing Ability

Heroes are classified into Physical (Warrior, Assassin, Rangers, Berserkers) and Magical (Mage, Machinist, Spiritualist). When looking for a hero to purchase, these are the basic guidelines to follow:



Physical Attack

Decent = 40+ Good = 60+ Strong = 80+


Magic Attack

Decent 35+ Good = 60+ Strong = 75+


Crit Rate

Decent = 40+ Good = 50+ Strong = 65+


Maximum HP

Decent = 40+ Good = 50+ Strong = 65+


Physical Defense

Decent = 50+


Magic Defense

Decent = 50+

The attributes above are estimates of how well a hero performs in quests. Different classes have different max attribute distributions, which you can see in-game or on the marketplace.

We hope this buying guide assists you in selecting heroes to buy!

If you need additional help, please refer to Discord, and we'll gladly assist you.

Step 2: Staking

After purchasing your heroes, you can stake them in assignments in the Adventurer's Guild for $MEDALS. The higher the Hero's level, the higher his emissions multiplier in fixed assignments!

LevelEmissions Multiplier

1 - 19


20 - 29


30 - 39


40 - 49


50 - 59


60 - 69


70 - 79


80 - 89


90 - 99




Players are strongly advised to claim their pending rewards once a week or be subjected to an emissions decay.

Step 3: Questing

Quests are the core of the game as not only is the world's growth and mechanics centered around this, but also your main source of experience, equipment, drops, and relics that will become increasingly important as the game expands.

Each hero has a daily entry limit that resets at 0400 UTC. Please refer to the table below for the number of attempts possible.

Hero LevelDaily Attempts

1 - 19

1 attempt

20 - 39

2 attempts

40 - 69

3 attempts

70 - 89

4 attempts


5 attempts

Elleria has three quest regions with different rewards:

  • Goblin Plains (Relics/Ellerium Shards)

  • Slime Road (Skills-related)

  • Ancient Ruins ($ELM/Equipment-related)

QuestsRecommended For:Special Mobs

Goblin Plains - Adventure Begins Slime Road - Slime Friend Slime Road - Slime Foe Ancient Ruins - Peblet's Path



Goblin Plains - Outskirts Goblin Plains - Outposts Goblin Plains - Encampment

Ellerium Shards Relics

Goblin Mage Hopgoblin Goblin Leader

Slime Road - Slime Ambush Slime Road - Slime Bandits

Relics Skills (future update)

Lava Slime Slime King

Ancient Ruins - Boulden's Border Ancient Ruins - Golem's Grudge

ELM Relics Equipment

Bouldy Coalheart Gollux

Special - Gold Rush (weekends only!)


Gold Goblin

Quests cost $MEDALS to enter, and you will meet different monsters giving different rewards in every quest. When you meet a special monster, watch out cause they hit harder but also give more rewards!

To accumulate $MEDALS, 'Adventure Begins', 'Slime Friend/Foe', and 'Peblet's Path' are recommended. Make sure the hero you send can clear it 100% of the time!

This guide breaks quests down into what they are recommended for, so you can choose based on your playstyle. Happy questing!\

Step 4: Enhancing your Hero

There are three ways you can make your Hero stronger

  1. Scrolling using relics will increase base attributes for both assignments/quests.

  2. Leveling using $MEDALS/$ELM will increase staking emissions and combat ability.

  3. Wearing Equipment will increase combat ability.


Once your Heroes have earned enough EXP from quests, they are eligible for upgrades to level up! Leveling up increases combat strength and staking emissions, allowing you to progress faster in-game. Check here for the full upgrade table.

LevelMedals /lvlEllerium /lvlEXP /lvlFailure %

1 > 9





10 > 19





20 > 29





30 > 39





40 > 49





50 > 59





New users are able to progress by clearing quests of increasing difficulty to accumulate resources, so don't be overwhelmed! Progress at your own pace and only take on what your heroes can handle.


Scrolls can be crafted at the Heroes Quarters and are the only way to upgrade your heroes' base attributes!

Scrolls are worth the most in improving your hero's $MEDALS earning capabilities. Players can scroll your ordinary heroes until they become eligible for class-specific assignments for a huge boost in $MEDALS, or simply for stronger combat power.

There are different tiers of scrolls available at different crafting costs, see what you need for your heroes!


Risky Scroll

1 Random Stat: 30% -1 30% -2 30% -3 10% +10

Cursed Scroll

1 Random Stat: 40% +10 60% -10

Chaos Scroll

1-3 Random Stat: 5% -3 15% -2 20% -1 to +1 15% +2 5% +3

Blessing Scroll

1-3 Random Stat: 30% +1 40% +2 30% +3

Exalted Scroll

1 Random Stat: 40% +2 30% +3 20% +4 10% +5

Miracle Scroll

3 Random Stat: 10% +1 20% +2 40% +3 20% +4 10% +5

Lesser Chaos Scroll

1 Random Stat: 33.3% -1 33.3% +0 33.3% +1

Lesser Positive Scroll

1 Random Stat: 100% +1

Read more about crafting here. You can also find the complete list of crafting recipes here.

You get 1 Lesser Positive Scroll (SB) for completing weekly tasks! Don't miss out!


Equipment can be crafted from the Heroes Quarters, and have huge potential to upgrade your heroes' combat power when they are enhanced, rolled, and infused properly.

Unlike scrolls, equipment can be transferred across heroes and might be a more enticing option for some players in increasing combat strength.

Remember that your Hero's stats scale with its level, so make sure you upgrade their levels as well to have optimal boosts from equipment and scrolls! Look for flat stat improvements for lower-leveled heroes and % stat improvements for higher-leveled heroes.

Swap Ellerium ($ELM)

Need $ELM to kickstart your journey? Swap for $ELM using $MAGIC here!

Ending Note

In Tales of Elleria, there is no one specific strategy that is the "correct" path for a player to take. Depending on your commitment level and resources, there are multiple ways to play the game.

We have categorized some of the player types and strategies here to allow players to understand how they might want to be involved in the game.

Take your time, and we hope you'll have a great time exploring the vast world of Elleria. "Fortuna Eterna" - fortune forever favors the brave 🍀

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