Wishing Well

The wishing well has been live since 1st January 2023 4am UTC and is accessible from the World Map via the Town Square!

Relics Recycling & Conversion

If you have too many relics that are unused and you do not want to list them on the Marketplace, the Wishing Well is an option that allows you to obtain 1 new relic by burning 3 relics.

Only tradeable relics Tier 4 and under can be burnt. You will receive loot based on the lowest tier relic burnt.

Burning 3 T2 relics will use the Tier 2 and 3 table.

Burning 1 T1 and 2 T2 relics will use the Tier 1 table instead.

There is a different loot table for different tiers of relics burnt, as follows:

This lists the possible rewards from burning T1 relics. (Rewards can have mixed tiers!)

Cursed Scroll

Risky Scroll

Ruby Chip

Sapphire Chip

Emerald Chip

Topaz Chip

Diamond Chip

Amethyst Chip

Copper Powder

Zinc Powder

Iron Powder

Tin Powder

Diluted Recovery Potion

Goblin Leader's Belt

Vial of Mysterious Blood

Weird Parchment

Hopgoblin's Helmet

Cloth Strips

Wood Chips

Goblin's Foot

Goblin's Hand

Goblin's Ear

Goblin's Magic Necklace


Goblin's Bone Necklace

Goblin's Leather Bundle

Goblin's Bones

Bone Powder

Small Goblin Insignia

How to use Wishing Well

  1. Head to the Town Square.

2. Click on 'Wishing Well'

3. Choose 3 spare relics to burn. These relics can be repeated (2/3 of the same item). Choose how many sets of the relics you want to burnt. Clicking 'max' will auto calculate the maximum sets of relics you have. Click on 'Make Wish' once confirmed, good luck! 🍀

4. You will have to click on 'Throw', and sign a message to authenticate and confirm burning of your relics. We don't want you accidentally burning important items!

5. Check your loot!

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