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A checklist & summarized way to help you get started or continue your journey.

Welcome to Tales of Elleria

Refer to this link for a full visual guide on how to complete the core gameplay loop.

This article serves as an overarching guide on how to play the game. For more information, reach out to anyone in Discord, read through the Whitepaper, and explore-

We hope you enjoy your stay!


To Get Started:

Understand the core gameplay loop:

  1. Send Heroes on Assignments for $MEDALS.

  2. Use $MEDALS to send heroes on Quests for $ELM

  3. More $ELM = 👍

  4. Rinse and Repeat

You will need heroes to accompany you:

  1. Summon (Mint) heroes from the game, through the Summoning Altar. Genesis Mint is currently ongoing, at 0.05 ETH per hero.

  2. Buy heroes from the marketplace.

Understanding Bridging:

  1. Heroes/Relics must all be bridged into the game to use them. You can do so from Summoning Altar > Manage Souls (Heroes) / Manage Relics.

  2. Bridged into game = Gasless transactions = 👍

  3. You will only need to release your heroes when you want to sell them on the marketplace.

Understand your heroes:

  • CS HEROES ARE VERY VALUABLE: Understand what a 'CS' is: Class specific (CS) means your hero has >= 86 main stat and >= 61 secondary stat, which make them eligible for 'better assignments'. You can take reference to the image for easier visualization.

  • Understand how to strengthen your heroes:

    • Levelling increases combat stats for quests.

    • Scrolls alter your base stats for assignments + quests.

Understand Assignments:

  • Assignments = Passive $MEDALS. Claim once every 7 days, or there is an emissions decay.

  • Level 2 CS heroes can go on Class-Specific (CS) assignments for huge $MEDALS. You might hence want to prioritize leveling CS heroes, and get one as your main $MEDALS farmer.

Understand Quests:

  • Every hero can attempt quests daily. Number of attempts depends on your level. Quest requires $MEDALS from assignments.

  • Different quests = different risk/rewards ratio. For $MEDALS, go on 'Goblin Plains - Adventure Begins', for $ELM, go on harder quests.

  • There is a 'best strategy' for which quest you should send your heroes on, depending on their stats + level, that will yield the best rewards. Research & find a best strategy for yourself!

Level 1 Common Heroes should stick to 'Goblin Plains - Adventure Begins'. This quest yields an average of +25 $MEDALS and will also drop relics, which are important in the crafting gameplay loop.


Going Deeper:

  • Mint Heroes -> (Guide available here) Stand a chance to obtain CS and Questoors at entry level costs!

  • Understand stats further -> combat attributes affect your quests & which heroes are worth more/less depending on their stats distribution: Attributes

  • Crafting -> Understand which relics are important for certain recipes, and hoard them Crafting System

  • Quest Optimization -> You can go on quests right before the daily reset to reduce the downtime from the 30 minute assignments no-reward window.

  • Special Attacks/Defend -> Read up on what these do and determine if they are worth using for youClass Skills/Traits

  • Jesters & Plague Doctors -> What are these characters that have special art in the marketplace with a red border in-game? Hmmm....

  • Boosts -> Read up on the previous/on-going boosts events to find out how to make the best of it or to prepare for future events.

  • Do Daily Tasks -> Here!

  • Follow our #announcements, #game-updates, and Twitter to receive the latest news!

  • Socialize and join us on Discord! Share strategies and join our awesome community 😄

  • Share your battle and mint results!

  • Shill Tales of Elleria to your friends! Word of mouth is the best way to build a strong community and project.

  • Understanding MagicSwap -> how to get $ELM without needing to play the game

  • Liquidity Provision -> Want other ways to get stat boosts? Stake LP tokens at the bank

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