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General Questions

What is Tales of Elleria?

Tales of Elleria (TELL) is a GameFi project, a metaverse, a market of rare utility-driven NFTs, and a liquidity pool (LP) opportunity that amalgamates in a three-dimensional world known as Elleria.
TELL will be launching as a P2E GameFi project in March 2022.

What Blockchain is Tales of Elleria on?

TELL resides within Arbitrum One, an ETH Layer 2 using ETH as its native token. Please refer to the 'Connecting to Arbitrum' page for more information.

Are we free to play? What do we need to get started?

To get started on the game, you will need at least 1 Hero, which can be summoned from the Summoning Altar or purchased from the marketplace using $ETH.
The entry cost is dependent on your risk appetite and belief in the project. The more heroes you have or the stronger heroes you have, the more rewards you can accrue. There is an entire ecosystem built around heroes, and you can read the following pages to find out more about different play options and different features.
We recommend reading through the whitepaper to understand fully what you are getting into and how to reap the most rewards.

Is the team doxxed?

The team is not currently doxxed for personal reasons, though we would like to do so in the future. Although we aren't doxxed, rest assured that we will participate actively in the community through discussions, AMA, and interactions. We will also provide updates whenever possible!

How long has the team been in the space?

We've been involved in blockchain for a few years as consumers, and are making the transition to contributors now after grasping the landscape and finding that we can do way better than what's out there.
Our members have worked individually on other projects before, and some of our members have collaborated for a few years off-chain before on several projects. We have a team consisting of experienced individuals coming from different fields such as game development, design, AR/VR, full-stack web development, marketing, business, and solidity development.

How do I know this is a legitimate project?

Our contracts will be verified and open-source, including our ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. You can view our contract addresses from the Tokenomics sub-pages or from Official Links .
We are also launching a working Testnet version of our product to prove that legitimacy. Everybody can participate in the Testnet launch.
Furthermore, we encourage community usage of our tokens for derivatives and community projects. Our APIs will be made public after the game is launched. Do reach out to us on Discord if you have any queries regarding documentation.

Where is the open world?!

Please refer to the Roadmap for our development plans! We are launching TELL in two components concurrently that will eventually be integrated together; A web-based app (Phase Alpha), and an open-world game (Phase Beta).

Regarding ERC20/ERC721s

What are the Tokenomics used in TELL? How does it work?

Please refer to the Tokenomics section and its sub-pages!

Regarding Whitelisting

I'm Whitelisted! What perks do I get?

We are following an Initial Game Offering (IGO) model to raise sufficient capital for healthy and prolonged development of the project. Whitelisted users are eligible to mint a certain number of heroes during presales. These Genesis Heroes will have token IDs of up to 10,000.
If Genesis Heroes are not minted out after 24 hours, they will be open to the public.

What's so special about Genesis Heroes?

Genesis Heroes have superior base attributes compared to heroes summoned after launch. Minters will have a significantly higher chance of obtaining a hero with outstanding stats that are extremely valuable within Elleria.
Owners of these heroes are eligible for exclusive perks and drops in the future.

Will there be another Genesis Hero sale?

These heroes are exclusively unique and will unless an owner chooses to sell them, there are no other ways to obtain a Genesis Hero.

How do I summon a Hero if I'm not whitelisted?

Twelve hours after the presale commences, the Summoning Altar will be opened until all 10,000 genesis heroes have been summoned. After which, the summoning altar will be deactivated. It will only reopen during specific events such as during game updates or release of new classes so that the economy can be regulated.

Regarding Gameplay Features

What are the different Hero classes and what do they do?

Currently, summoned heroes may be of the following classes:
  • Warrior
  • Assassin
  • Mage
  • Ranger
Each hero will have a different primary and secondary attribute associated with its class. Read more about how each attribute will affect each class here.

How do I know if my Hero is good?

Every hero is valuable but their classes and stat distributions might make some better at certain things than others for different features in the game, whether it be quests, assignments, or PVP. Depending on your play style, you will have to research to understand and determine which heroes are the most valuable for you.
Certain classes, assignments, rarities, and visual attributes may also be more desirable to players depending on their play style.