Technology & Innovations
"We hope to serve as a role model for decentralization and transparency across the GameFi ecosystem."
With this vision in mind, we have implemented and are innovating a series of frameworks and methodologies that aims to improve the GameFi scene for both developers and users.

Smart Contracts Framework

ERC721 Non-Escrow Staking

Initiative started by Lost Samurise :
Tales of Elleria has implemented the NES logic into our bridging system to allow for several benefits:
  • Allows for better analytics on holder distribution.
  • Allows players full proper on-chain ownership of their NFTs at all times.
  • Doesn't break wallet tracking systems (such as
  • Allows for the usage of standard ERC721 methods to gather data.

ERC1155 Collaborative Framework

Tales of Elleria is using a modularized ERC1155 system which will allow for cross-metaverse integrations of different tokens/NFTs/contract logic.
  • Modules allow for custom logic from any contracts to be implemented into the native ERC1155.
  • Modules minimize the impact of any ownership breaches in integrations.
  • Allows players to benefit from owning non-native tokens/assets.
  • Boosts ecosystem growth by promoting cross-metaverse interactions.
This is as simple as implementing the following to allow delegate contracts to mint an item (and perform custom logic checks) using resources from different projects:
mapping (uint256 => address) private _itemManagerAddress;
function externalMint(address to, uint256 id, uint256 amount) external {
require(msg.sender == _itemManagerAddress[id], "External Mint Denied");
_mint(to, id, amount, '');
emit ExternalMint(to, id, amount);
event ExternalMint(address to, uint256 id, uint256 amount);
The rest of the logic for item interaction then can be handled on the backend.

Backend Logic

EIP712: SignedTypeDatav4 for Gasless Transactions

Tales of Elleria uses the above interface to authenticate in-game actions, allowing for most of our actions to be gasless. EIP712 allows for readable signed messages whilst being secure.
  • Secure: Wallet's private key must be breached to imitate a transaction.
  • Readable: Users are able to clearly see what action they are taking before signing a message.
  • Allows for the usage of only gasless signed messages to execute transactions.
  • Allows game logic to be immersive and heavily customized, increasing depth and complexity.
Ledger for off-chain data
With the implementation of a off-chain server, there are concerns of data validity & realiability. All player actions are logged and available as receipts that can be queried by the public through a graphQL endpoint.
  • Public is able to validate the entire game action history for any player.
  • All token emissions are logged in receipts and can be audited and verified.
  • All quests results and process are logged in receipts and can also be audited.
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