While there are no fixed timelines to accommodate to sudden changes, our developers will provide constant updates and announcements on the progress of milestones.

Phase Alpha

At the starting point of TELL, we will be releasing a browser-based idle yet immersive experience that will allow players to get acquainted with what Elleria is all about.

This roadmap is currently outdated as our plans has diverged as a response to community feedback, tokenomics, analytics, and market conditions. Expect this to be updated soon!

Phase 0

0. Release Whitepaper, Twitter, Discord, and Website

0.1 Testnet Launch & Public Testing

0.2 Hero Summoning

Presales**:** 21st March 2022

0.3 Official Launch: Deployment of Tokens, Release of Assignments (fixed emissions)

0.4 Questing (Solo)

Quest system will be implemented. These quests will drop tokens to heroes who participated/completed them successfully.

Phase 1

1.1 Liquidity Mining

1.2 New Assignments (Pooled Emissions)

New assignments will be introduced with pool-based emissions.

1.3 Equipment System (Cosmetics)

An equipment system will be introduced.

1.4 Leaderboard Feature

Introduction of a leaderboard where top players will be featured and rewarded.

Phase 2

2.1 New Realm - New Classes

Elleria exists in a metaverse with multiple realms. As the world expands, Elysis can connect to souls from higher realms, allowing for an introduction of a batch of new classes.

2.2 Hero Recycling Feature

The souls of heroes can be fused using divinity.

2.3 New Quests (Tower of Babel)

New quests will be released that involve multiple heroes. More details to be announced.

2.4 Equipment System

Introduction of Equipment. More details to be announced.

Phase 3

3.1 Introduction of Coliseum/ Arena Battles (PVP)

PVP system will be implemented. Challenge other players to earn rewards and power up your hero!

3.2 House Ownership

Introduction of Houses. More details to be announced.

3.3 Land Ownership

Introduction of Land. More details to be announced.

Phase 4

4.1 Improvements to Combat System

Implementation of a skill-based combat system as opposed to an idle one.

4.2 Guild System

Introduction of Guild System. Coming soon.

4.3 War System

Introduction of a War System. Coming soon.

Phase Beta

As the browser-based roadmap is being continuously rolled out, we are concurrently developing a Three-Dimensional Racer Mobile Game for full immersion and proper real-time skill-based gameplay.\

Ellerian Racers sneak peek available here.


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